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About Us


In those tumultuous days of the early 19th century, life on the vast North American frontier centered around the local trading post. It is here people came to sell their goods, buy provisions, and catch-up on the news of the day.

Honoring the long Hall family history in the Great Lakes region, I opened this Trading Hall - recreating the experience of the trading post for history enthusiasts and avid reenactors alike. All are welcome here, to share news from their local communities, and stock-up on our range of genuine period items.

So, come on in from the cold, enjoy our displays of heritage aesthetics, and explore our collection of highest quality products from the 1800’s!

Supply currently on offer at this Trading Hall:


Beeswax Candles

Gunflints for flintlock muskets

(psst… Rumor has it that a shipment of premium William Lord , Brandon Suffolk Flints is making its way from The Old Country to this Trading Hall…)