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About the Proprietors


This Trading Hall you have entered represents the culmination of two men’s passion for history and penchant for bringing it back to life.

Randy Hall and Mark Feltoe are both avid reenactors, spending every available weekend reliving the 1800s and that period’s historic events. Their intense engagement with the realities of the 1800s, and familiarity with that life’s simpler necessities laid the foundations for the trading hall.

This state-of-the-art online platform is dedicated to the recreation of the period’s trading experience, inviting discerning patrons to peruse the wares offered. These include all manner of beautiful, historically-accurate items. Each designed to facilitate the transformative wonder of heritage aesthetics, vital for period reenactments as well as contemporary life.

In partaking in this experience, patrons are additionally invited to become a part of a community of like-minded individuals. People brought together by their shared dedication to the conservation and revivification of this invaluable heritage: its traditions of artisanal mastery, of lost crafts such as tinsmithing, candle dipping, and gunflint knapping for the period’s flintlock muskets.

Mr. Hall and Mr. Feltoe cordially invite you to learn more about their journey in our first blog