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WL 3/4" x 7/8" - English Gun Flint

Will Lord Gun Flints

My is proud to be the exclusive North American supplier of the world’s finest gunflints. Will Lord’s work in Brandon, Suffolk County, England does not require any introduction or superfluous accolades; it is simply the best flintknapping of the best quarried Black English flint material available in the world today.
These exquisite gunflints are produced using techniques dating back to 18th century. While the gunflints are designed for use in flintlock muskets, each is unique, and thus fit cannot be guaranteed. These authentic period replicas are a must for period reenactors and any history enthusiasts looking for period realism.
These flints will fit the following gun locks: Standard rifle, large Siler, L&R, most others.

Please see the specifications tab for more information.
Flint Attributes
Flint Type Black English
Gun Lock Assemblies Standard rifle, large Siler, L&R, most others
Flint Quantity Single Flint

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